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SSDT Essentials- Rider and Spectator

Hello everyone!

I can't believe that it's that time of year again and in two weeks time, we'll be up in Scotland enjoying the gorgeous views and following the legendary Scottish Six Days Trial.

I've decided to do an 'SSDT Essentials' blog, not only for riders but for spectators as well. I've been a spectator every year at the SSDT since I was two months old (excluding 2016 due to exams) and I still struggle with choosing what to pack!


AG has chosen some of his favourites for a week up in Scotland, and all are available here in store at AG Bikes and selected lines are available on our website and ebay site.

Bumbag Essentials

Every rider needs a rucksack or a bumbag full of essentials and we recommend this Mots bumbag. Of course, it's highly likely that you'll get a puncture up on the Scottish moors, so a handy strip of dog turds is essential. An Apico tyre pressure gauge is useful to carry round and why not add an Apico gear lever or an Apico tyre repair kit  as a 'just in case'? A spare Apico lanyard wouldn't be a bad idea either!

Gas bottles are vital, and a few spare fuel filters wouldn't take up too much room. Finally, AG recommends the Jitsie multitool, which is extremely portable and essential for quick fixes whilst out on the course!


´╗┐Gloves and Socks´╗┐

Socks are a must for any trial, and these Gaerne socks are the most comfortable boot socks on the market (we recommend you buy a few pairs and don't wear the same ones all week!)

As for gloves, we'll let you take your pick. Gloves are obviously essential for those long days in the Highlands. We have a huge range of gloves in all brands, colours and sizes (please see website for extended list). Pictured below we have Hebo, Jitsie and Fist.

A new set of tyres isn't a bad idea, and we have Michelin front and rear tyres (X Light and X11) here at the shop.



AG says that the Jitsie Glow Jacket and the Mots Stone 3 Jacket are the best jackets for riding in as they're extremely waterproof and keep you warm...perfect for if the weather isn't as lush as it was last year! The Jitsie jacket is available in red and silver. 

ji17jagl-4715_0.jpgstone 3 mots.jpg




Now time for my recommendations to anyone who is heading up to Fort William to spectate or as backup crew for a rider.

We never know what the weather is going to do up there. Somehow last year we had amazing sunshine all week, however the chances of that happening again are very slim (but fingers crossed for the odd sunny day or two!)

If the weather happens to be lovely and warm, the Apico Sun Cap or Red Bull Sun Cap are an excellent choice to keep the sun out of your eyes whilst watching sections. 


But if the heavens decide to open, we've got you covered (literally!) These umbrellas are strong and the Apico umbrella has an automatic opening function, if you'd like to see this in action, click the link below! The Alpine Stars umbrella is equally as good and looks great too!



We also have our new in AGBikes polo shirts! These are available in all sizes in either red/grey (as pictured) or blue/black. I love them as they're really comfy and look great too!


 (If it's sunny, these umbrellas double up as parasols!)

And of course I couldn't go to Scotland without my favourite shoes, the Forma trainers. They're so comfortable for everyday use and I could walk for miles in them! (I do apologise for the mud on mine, they get a lot of use!)


As well as our new polo shirts, we have AGBikes fleeces as well! These are also available in all sizes in either red/black or blue/black.


I'll also be taking my Jitsie Data Hoodie as it's so comfy! We have a range of hoodies here at AGBikes, please check out the website or drop in to browse.


Last but not least we have my favourite jacket. Our AGBikes Cylinder Jackets are perfect for the cold weather (which we will undoubtledly get up in Scotland!) and cylinder jackets are really trendy this year as well!


That's all from me for now, I hope this blog was useful and I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in the Parc Ferme in two weeks! Let us know what your SSDT essentials are and tag us in your posts on Instagram (@agbikes_) or Twitter (@agbikes1) or use the hashtag #AGBikes

Thank you for reading!