• AG Bikes was born in 2010 from Andrew's longstanding passion for trialing from an early age. Starting out with a workshop and basic showroom, several years of development have enabled a larger shop and showroom with a huge range of parts, clothing and accessories. We have moved on from a basic eBay shop to a recently refurbished online store which allows you to shop a great selection of over 2,000 products from the comfort of your own home. We also have well-appointed workshop facilities offering welding, specialist tuning and porting, classic restoration, general repairs and servicing as well as a brand-new remapping service for the Sherco & Scorpa Fuel Injection models. As an established rider himself, AG has a good understanding of the customer's needs.

  • We are authorised Sherco and TRS dealers, but also sell a variety of new and second hand trials bikes, including restored classic twinshock bikes. AG specialises in Fantic restorations.

    Our showroom, located in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, is well stocked with a large range of clothing, spare parts and accessories from well known brands including Airoh, Apico, Gaerne, Mots, Putoline, Renthal, S3 and Talon. We stock most parts and accessories for many brands and models of trials bike, including Sherco, TRS, GasGas, Beta, Vertigo, Montesa, Scorpa, Jotagas and Fantic. Anything not in stock can usually be ordered for next day delivery.

  • Andrew G Brown - The Boss and Mechanic

    Growing up in Swaledale, AG’s first recollections of trialing are watching the Scott Trial at Surrender with his father Edward admiring the likes of Malcolm Rathmell, Martin Lampkin and of course local star Richard Sunter. AG’s first bike was a BSA bought for £15 and costing another £15 to get it up and running at about the age of 10. Once 17 he could ride the famous Scott Trial himself and did so for many years before taking on a marshal’s roll.
    At the age of 17, AG and his mates had heard of the SSDT and were keen to go, so set off to Fort William, not really having any idea where they were heading. This was before the days of Satnav and they were armed with a map and a crib sheet of road names and junctions to get there. Today, another 30 odd years on, he could drive up there on auto pilot. AG has ridden the SSDT most years since his early 20s. Andrew was also one of the founders of the Reeth Two Day trial, which was dreamt up over a few drinks in the Alexandra Hotel in Fort William one SSDT together with some other RMC members. In 2003, building on the success of the two day, the trial evolved in to the very popular Reeth Three Day Trial it is today.

    AG does all the repairs, services and restorations himself, and has recently rediscovered his love of Fantics. He has been working on developing high-spec classic restorations with lots of "bling" parts.

  • Charlotte Brown - Social Media Editor and Content Producer

    Charlotte has grown up in the trialing world, attending her first SSDT at only two months old. She has had several trials bikes over the years, ranging from an electric Oset to a Sherco 250. Charlotte is currently on a break from riding due to thinking she could be the next Toni Bou and riding flat out up a steep hillock, resulting in her throwing a brand new Sherco 125 over her head in 2016 and landing in a huge heap. Several rounds of physio and two operations later, her knee is slowly getting back to normal (unfortunately the same can't be said for the front exhaust pipe!) Charlotte now works full time at AG Bikes after completing a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Linguistics and recently finishing a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics whilst working at AG Bikes. She manages the website, online shop and social media and works alongside AG in the showroom. Charlotte is in charge of the Sherco & Scorpa fuel injection remapping. She enjoys taking photographs of riders at trials and is also a keen member of Richmond Motor Club. She helps out as secretary at some local trials and assists with social media for the club too.

  • Ros Brown - Company Secretary

    Ros works in the office for both the building business and for AG Bikes. She is also involved with Richmond Motor Club and has recently retired from being Scott Trial Results Coordinator after 30 years. Although Ros doesn't ride trials bikes, she has been a follower of trials since she met AG and they have made the annual pilgrimage up to Fort William for the SSDT almost every year. They even went up when it was cancelled in foot and mouth year!