At AG Bikes, we offer classic bike restoration and building services, including specialist suspension works, specialist engine tuning, wheel building, electronic ignition conversions and carburation set up and jetting.

Over the past few years, AG has rediscovered his love for twinshocks and is particularly enjoying restoring Fantic trials bikes. We now stock a wide range of parts and accessories for both Fantic twinshock and monoshock bikes.

Montesa Cota Restoration

AG completed a full restoration on a Montesa Cota 247 for a customer.

Fantic Rebuild

Another one of AG's builds - restoring a Fantic to a high standard with new "bling" parts from Delay, Grib and JCC, as well as new machined 32 hole billet hubs.

Parts are available to buy separately both online and in-store.

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