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AJP/Braktec 4 Pot Front Brake Calliper

AJP/Braktec 4 Pot Front Brake Calliper

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AJP / Braktec 4 pot trials front brake calliper.

Fits most modern trials bikes. Includes brake pads, clips, bleed nipple and cap.

AJP/Braktec Part Number: 222.00.000C, 222.00.004C

Beta Part Number: 25-03057
Electric Motion Part Number: TL01J-20217-00-00
GasGas Part Number: BT280222000, BT62000RA3010, BT620002811, BT6200R3009
Montesa Part Number: 45100-NN4-C01, 45100-NN4-C10, 45100-NN3-830
Scorpa Part Number: S10B-40101-00-00, C387
Sherco Part Number: C387, C318

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