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All Balls Fork and Dust Seal Kit (Tech)

All Balls Fork and Dust Seal Kit (Tech)

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Lower Stiction, Longer Life, Patented fork seal design features a balanced 2 lip design on the oil (pressure) side that evenly distributes the pressure reducing operating temperature, wear and friction. A 3rd lip on the air side acts as an additional wiper to prevent dirt from contaminating the oil. A custom elastomer reduces stiction (friction) from 1/3 to ½ less than the OEM seals for smoother fork action. All kits include both oil and wiper seals.

Suitable for:

  • Gas Gas Factory 2015
  • GasGas 2017-onwards
  • Montesa 301R 2020-onwards
  • Montesa 300RR 2016-onwards
  • Montesa 4RT Standard 2014-onwards
  • Scorpa Trial 2015-onwards
  • Sherco Trial ST/Factory/Racing 125/250/290/300 2012-onwards
  • TRS One/RR/Gold 2016-onwards
  • Vertigo 2016-onwards

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