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Apico 168 Front Brake Pads Beta/GasGas/Sherco/Scorpa/Montesa/TRS

Apico 168 Front Brake Pads Beta/GasGas/Sherco/Scorpa/Montesa/TRS

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Apico trials front brake pads.

Apico’s brake pads are manufactured by world-renowned brake pad manufacturer Goldfren. Together, they have developed pads for optimal off road use, for the highest levels of competition. There are few pads developed specifically for UK wet and muddy conditions, that cover a range of models and applications. There are 2 compounds Apico specifically used for front and rear applications.

Suitable for:

  • Beta Rev3 2000-2004 Front & Rear
  • Beta Rev3 2005-2008 Front
  • Beta Evo 2009-onwards Front
  • GasGas TXT 50/80 Rookie 2004-2011 Front
  • GasGas TXT Pro 2002-onwards Front (not Racing or Factory models)
  • Jotagas 2011-2012 Front
  • Montesa 315 2001-2005 Front
  • Montesa 4RT 2005-onwards Front (not Repsol or Race Replica)
  • Scorpa SY250 2003 Front & Rear
  • Scorpa 2004-onwards Front
  • Sherco 2001-2011 Front
  • Sherco 2013-2019 Front
  • TRS 2016-2019 Front (not Race Replica)

*Please check your current brake pads before ordering*

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