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Apico Gear Pedal Elite Short Sherco/Scorpa (2000-2022)

Apico Gear Pedal Elite Short Sherco/Scorpa (2000-2022)

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Suitable for:

•Sherco ST 125-300 2000-2022

•Scorpa SC 125-300 2015-2022

The new Apico Elite gear pedals have been made exclusively for Apico in the UK. The dual colour fully anodised tip is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium. This gives a fresh new look to the pedal with the laser-etched Apico logo really standing out on the black background at the front of the tip. This blends well with the forged arm that also has a laser-etched logo, setting a new standard compared to all the other existing gear pedals on the market. Even the bolt that holds the tip onto the arm has been given a specialist black colour coating and superior factory finish compared to other pedals available. 

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