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Athena Fork Oil Seals - Pair

Athena Fork Oil Seals - Pair

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Various fork seal sizes available:

Yamaha - 34x46x10.5 

Early GasGas - 38x48x10:
-GasGas Rookie, 125, 200 
GasGas Part Numbers: ST950220, C241102

Paioli/Ceriani 38x50x8/9.5:
-Beta Rev/Evo
-Scorpa fitted with Paioli forks
-Sherco 1999-2012
Beta Part Numbers: 007.34.924.00.00, 007349240000, 1041461, 1041461000
Sherco Part Numbers: R070, R071

Tech 39x51x8/10.5:
-Electric Motion
-GasGas Raga, Factory, Racing, GP 2012-onwards
-Montesa 4RT 2015-onwards
-Scorpa 2015-onwards
-Sherco 2011-onwards
-TRS 2016-onwards
-Vertigo 2016-onwards
EM Part Number: TL01K-20117-00-00
GasGas Part Number: BT201403012
Montesa Part Number: 51425-NN4-J11
Scorpa Part Number: 3662
Sherco Part Number: 3662
TRS Part Number: 71013
Vertigo Part Number: V-0695

Showa 39x52x11:
-Montesa 4RT / 315R fitted with Showa forks
Montesa Part Number: 51425-NN3-821

Marzocchi 40x52.2x10/10.5:
-GasGas Pro 2004-onwards
-Scorpa SY250 2008-onwards
-Sherco SSDT Edition 2011
GasGas Part Numbers:BT280414212, BT280414131, BT20000143011, BT20000153011, B4P17914212, BEP250214212
Scorpa Part Number: S10D-70111-00-00
Sherco Part Number: 3541

*Please check your existing fork seal sizes before ordering*

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