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Braktec Rear Brake Calliper 2 Pot

Braktec Rear Brake Calliper 2 Pot

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Braktec rear brake calliper, 25mm pistons.

Suitable for:

  • Electric Motion
  • GasGas TXT Pro 2002-onwards
  • Jotagas 2012-onwards
  • Scorpa 2000-onwards
  • Sherco 2002-onwards
  • TRS 2017-onwards
  • Vertigo 2016-onwards

Complete with brake pads and bleed nipple / cover. Does not include banjo bolt, uses a M10x1.0mm fitting.

Part Number: 365019MO0

Supersedes part numbers: 365029MO0, 223.00.115C, 223.00.105C, 223.00.140C, 223.00.101C, 223.00.105C


EM Part Number: TL01J-30204-00-00
GasGas Part Number: BT280222001, BT670013013, BT670003013
Jotagas Part Number: T3014C1136
Sherco Part Number: C386
TRS Part Number: 70307
Vertigo Part Number: V-0352

Gunmetal grey finish.

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