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Grib Race Parts

Grib Fork Brace Kit with Risers & Clamps Bultaco

Grib Fork Brace Kit with Risers & Clamps Bultaco

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*It may take a few hours of adaptation to achieve full effectiveness*

Complete fork brace kit includes:

x1 #20 Fork Brace 160mm - £37
x2 #12 Fork Clamps 53.2mm - £45 each
x1 #26 Pair Risers 20mm - £43

Bultaco hairpin bridge. 160mm bar center distance
It must be used together with the Grib flanges, for Bultaco or Betor they are the B-53.2mm.
Also valid for SWM with 35 and 38 mm Betor, Merlin with 38mm Betor and any bike with Betor Bultaco type forks and a distance between the centers of 160 mm bars.
Together with the aluminum Grib flanges, the bridge is not a simple support of the fender, it is a system of union of the two suspension bottles that notably reinforces the stiffness of the steering.
The complete bridge kit, in addition to the aluminum bridge, consists of:
2 flanges machined in anodized duralumin B-D53.2 or B-D53.2 with stop, for 35 mm forks. 
1 set of risers also machined in duralumin and anodized (B) necessary for Betor 35 mm type Bultaco forks.

Flange made of CNC machined and anodized 7075 aluminum. Bottle diameter 53.2 mm. Valid for Betor de Bultaco and Ossa forks and any other motorcycle with a diameter: D = 52.8 to 53.6 mm
Without bracket for the brake cable sheath.

Set of 2 20mm risers made of 7075 aluminum, CNC machined and anodized,
Designed for short Betor forks, advanced axle type Bultaco, SWM, Merlin, Villa ....

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