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Grib Front Brake Arm Fantic 240/300

Grib Front Brake Arm Fantic 240/300

51- MIL1
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Choose between:

  • Front Facing
  • Rear Facing

Please note that for a Fantic 300, the hole may need to be enlarged. *It may take a few hours of adaptation to achieve full effectiveness*

*Please check if you need front or rear facing before ordering. If in doubt, contact us to advise*

Grimeca front drum brake cam as a replacement for the original forward cam position.

This modification of putting the cam forward greatly improves braking with respect to the original cam position.

Cam to change the rear position from the original Fantic cam to the front position, it also provides the following improvements:
Made of 304 stainless steel, it dramatically improves appearance and does not rust or get unsightly over time
2 possible positions, the original and a 10 mm longer for better braking feel.
Bridge to hold the larger diameter cable gland than the original one. Cable glands up to 10 mm in diameter can be fitted.
Newly designed bridge to better hide excess cable
Bridge fixed to the cam with a removable screw that greatly facilitates the disassembly of the motorcycle wheel


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