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Grib Race Parts

Grib Rear Brake Plate Kit Bultaco Sherpa

Grib Rear Brake Plate Kit Bultaco Sherpa

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*It may take a few hours of adaptation to achieve full effectiveness*

Brake plate set for 125mm conical Bultaco brakes

Plate made from 7075 aluminum CNC machined with precision never seen before in a drum brake.

The shafts and cams are made of stainless steel thus guaranteeing that they do not rust in contact with water and m d.

The cam is guided by ball bearings to reduce friction to the maximum while improving the precision of the assembly

The jaws are custom built for Grib Race Parts and we machine them to improve all fits and grind them to fit 125.0mm diameter drums.

The set also includes the brake tie rod in AL 7075, the outer stainless steel cam and the cable stop.

It does not include the brake drum.

*For proper operation, the drums must be 125.0 original size and not oval or conical*

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