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iPone R4000 4T Engine Oil 1Litre

iPone R4000 4T Engine Oil 1Litre

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R4000 RS is ideally suited for 4-stroke road or dual-sport   motorcycles, with wet or dry clutch, complying with Euro 2, 3, 4 or 5 emission standards, equipped with exhaust and emission after-treatment systems, in regular use.

It offers high shear resistance, ensures optimum lubrication and provides optimum protection and longevity of the engine and gearbox.

It leaves an oil film on the upper parts of the engine even on a cold or stopped engine thanks to the magnetic properties of the esters that prevents the oil from falling completely back into the engine oil pan.

Compliant with the JASO MA2 API SM standards, it offers the highest level of friction to ensure perfect clutch operation during start-up, acceleration and at maximum speed.

Its can with pouring spout is very convenient for a precise dosage, without putting any aside!

The motor oil is the blood of your engine, it is vital! Over the miles, the oil accumulates dirt and becomes less and less efficient.
So if you are approaching the mileage limit recommended by the manufacturer, or if it’s almost been a year since the oil has been changed, it’s time to make your oil change.

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