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Iranzo Designs

Iranzo Designs Amal Lever Bearing Kit

Iranzo Designs Amal Lever Bearing Kit

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Iranzo Designs lever bearing kit for Amal levers to adapt to fit special cables with bearings.

Suitable for Amal levers only.

The diameter necessary to house the bearing is 10mm. 
Carefully drill the 1st 9mm drill bit, and successively drill with the 9.5mm and 10mm drill bits.
Be careful not to drill initially with a 10mm drill bit because the housing will be too loose.
Place the flared bearing on one side of the lever, and with the help of a vice, compress it until it stops and is tight. 
IMPORTANT: use the special screw and nut from the set that is supplied with the bearing. 
Note: clean the lever and support assembly well, and it is advisable to use Vaseline to grease the needle bearing. 

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