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Iranzo Designs

Iranzo Designs Domino Lever Bearing Kit

Iranzo Designs Domino Lever Bearing Kit

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Bearings to adapt Domino levers to fit the special Iranzo Design cables with bearings

The diameter necessary to house the bearing is 10mm
Drill carefully, starting with an 8mm drill bit, then following with a 9mm, 9.5mm and 10mm drill bit. BE CAREFUL. Do not try to drill initially with a 10mm drill bit as the housing will become loose.
Most likely, with the 9.5mm drill bit, you will remove the original bushing, which will prepare the housing to install the bearing.
Place the flared bearing on one side of the lever, and with the help of the vice, compress until it stops. 
Once the above is done, support the part of the handle that does not protrude and use a wrench of a larger diameter to adjust until both sides are the same.

For perfect operation, lightly sand both sides of the wavy plastic washers with sandpaper, so that the lever has no play and does not block when tightening the support screw. Clean the handle and support assembly well. It is advisable to use Vaseline for the lubricating of the needle bearing. 

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