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Iranzo Designs

Iranzo Designs Stainless Steel Brake Cable with Bearings

Iranzo Designs Stainless Steel Brake Cable with Bearings

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Iranzo Designs special stainless steel brake cable featuring bearings

2.5 x 1500mm

Sheath/casing not included


  • Improves softness by avoiding friction
  • Reduces lever effort
  • Works more directly
  • Less wear than standard cable

It is important to follow the instructions within the packaging. A careful and correct installation will result in good operation and functionality.

For a complete improvement in the assembly operation, it is advisable to install the appropriate needle bearing on the lever itself, which can be purchased separately either for Amal or Domino levers. 
For other types/brands of levers (Honda/Protaper), please get in touch. It is possible to adapt. 

Check that the hole in the handle is adequate to accommodate the 10mm bearing. If it is too tight, replace it with a 10mm flat milling cutter/drill.
Before installing the cable in the sleeve, remove the coloured terminal that is supplied with the cable and set aside to put at the end of the installation (it is recommended to use a teflon cover). 
Before inserting the cable, make sure that the entrance and exit of the cover have an open and clean passage (use a small fine needle file to clear the cover and hole of the metal stops, thus avoiding friction that can cause damage to the cover, the cable or reduce its smoothness and correct operation). 
It is recommended to grease the cable with Vaseline or similar as it is inserted into the sheath. The use of oils or other lubricants is not advisable. 
Once installed in the casing and with the cable clamp in place, insert the coloured terminal into the cable before cutting the excess.
After cutting off the excess cable, tighten the metal part of the terminal to avoid unwanted scratches and the cable from fraying. 

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