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Jitsie Front Brake Pads BP168

Jitsie Front Brake Pads BP168

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Suitable for:

•Beta Rev3 00-04 Front & Rear

•Beta Rev3 05-08 Front

•Beta Evo 09-onwards Front

•GasGas TXT 50/80 Rookie 04-11 Front

•GasGas TXT Pro 02-onwards Front (not Racing or Factory models)

•Jotagas 11-12 Front

•Montesa 315 01-05 Front

Montesa 4RT 05-onwards Front (not Repsol or Race Replica)

•Scorpa SY250 03 Front & Rear

Scorpa 04-onwards Front

Sherco 01-11 Front

Sherco 13-19 Front

TRS 16-19 Front (not Race Replica)

*Please check your current brake pads before ordering*

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