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Motorex Moto Clean Universal 1 Litre

Motorex Moto Clean Universal 1 Litre

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MOTO CLEAN UNIVERSAL is an environmentally neutral, quick and thorough universal cleaner for cleaning motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles and small power tools, etc.
The optimised water-based formula is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

MOTO CLEAN UNIVERSAL provides quick and extremely thorough cleaning. It is concentrated but can also be used in diluted form.
The cleaner can be applied sparingly with the manual pump spray and the nozzle can be adjusted for a jet or a fine spray.

  • More intensive cleaning effect, better penetration and optimised adhesion
  • Very good compatibility with rubber, plastics and metal
  • Spray head with three functions: direct jet, fine spray and 'STOP' for closed nozzle
  • Ready to use but can also be diluted
  • Pump spray bottle can be reused multiple times with the 5-litre refill (7300602)
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